Got Blisters?

by kbarry on August 3, 2012

In today’s post Jeff discusses a fact of life for many runners – blisters.  This is especially true for beginner runners that may not have the correct socks or shoes but can still hit very experienced runners. Here are a few tips on preventing them. 

Got Blisters?

Do you have to stop your runs early, or do you finish them with bloody shoes and socks? Blisters are one of the most annoying running problems and I have suffered from them on my training runs and in races.  When I first started running I just wore regular cotton socks and I can tell you that this is the worst thing you could possible do.

The primary reason for getting blisters is not from just your feet or whatever rubbing, the problem comes from your feet getting sweaty and tacky.  When your skin gets tacky and sticks to something while everything else underneath keeps moving that is when you develop blisters on your feet.  All cotton socks do is soak up your sweat and keep your feet nice and tacky  The best way to combat them is to wear synthetic socks, preferably with moisture wicking materials, to keep your feel as dry as possible so they slide around instead of sticking and trying to slide.  But of course you could try Ryan Hall’s method and cover your feet in Vaseline to keep them nice and slippery, but that can get a little messy.

I’m not trying to sound like a sales pitch but I really can’t do anything but praise Drymax running socks.  I was a little skeptical at first with all the claims they have on their site but I figured I’d give them a try.  They are amazing.  I haven’t had blisters on my feet since I started wearing them, if you don’t believe me just give them a spin.



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