RunDisney’s New Dopey Challenge

by admin on March 22, 2013


How does running 48.6 miles over four days sound?  Dopey right?  That’s exactly the new race challenge that will be part of the 2014 Walt Disney World marathon.  The races will consist of

  • 5k Thursday 1/9
  • 10k Friday 1/10
  • Half Marathon Saturday 1/11
  • Full Marathon Sunday 1/12

When (if) you complete all four races you’ll get a medal for each, plus a Goofy challenge medal and a special Dopey medal for completing all 4 races for a total of 6 medals. I can only imagine how the “wall” during the marathon will feel being it’ll be mile 42 over the course of the 4 days.

You’ll also need to re-mortgage your house to pay the entry fee for the Dopey challenge as the registration fees come in at a whopping $495 – $555 depending on when you register.  Even with those high fees I expect that the race will sell out so if you’re up to the challenge I would register soon.

I completed the Goofy Challenge 3 years ago which is something I probably would not be interested in doing again.  The marathon felt just awful after taking the half marathon slow, my legs just weren’t fresh from the start which made for a long race.

Training for this fall into the ultra marathon category and will not be for most runners.  But if you are Dopey/Goofy/Crazy enough to give it a shot best of luck to you!

More information from RunDisney



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